As of spring 2017 we've rolled out a new web portal for our customers to use. Here is a list of the many new features and improvements made to existing features;

  • New Uploader: Now upload any imagery with EXIF data
  • Image Cropping: On upload adjust the bounds of your expected output
  • Support for DJI Imagery
  • Folders: Just like on your computer you can now organize your flights any way you need
  • Search: Now you can search for a specific flight to view
  • Additional Map Overlays

Along with these improvements and new features we created a new domain for our web portal at 

As of August 1st, we will be removing to avoid confusion. The biggest adjustment needed will be to make sure that your XRD is updated to at least v3.0.0 to be compatible with the new Uploader. If you need instructions on how to upgrade, please follow the steps here


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