In the newest release of Botlink we have introduced Missions. Missions allow you to save flights and use them over and over without having to rebuild each time.

To create a new Mission simply tap the Add button and select either Survey or Custom.


This tool allows the you to quickly set up a simple survey mission. You can move the Home point, the corners of your survey, add intermediate boundary points, change flying elevation, photo overlap, and set the Lat/Long for accurate placement. To adjust these simply tap on the corresponding setting and the appropriate adjustments can be made above.


Creating a mission with Botlink is incredibly simple and intuitive. Simply tap to create a point and long press to move or delete points. You can create two types of points; Waypoint or Survey. For each there are settings you can edit about that point.


While creating a waypoint you can edit the order of points, the altitude of that point, the acceptance distance, and the latitude/longitude of that point.

Change Order: Press the Waypoint button in the bottom left and long press the point that you'd like to move. Slide it left or right to reorder and the map will update to display the new order.

Altitude: Simply tap the waypoint you want to adjust and select Altitude. A vertical bar will display and allow you to change the altitude of that point.

Acceptance: Increasing the Acceptance Radius allows the drone to fly with a greater radius to each waypoint. The greater the radius the further away it can be to consider the waypoint reached.

Position: This allows you to plot exact latitude/longitude points and also get the position of an already placed waypoint.


This tool allows you to create a survey within another mission. Select survey and place it on the map. A square area will be created but you can edit it any way you'd like. Stretch the four corners to where you'd like the bounds of your survey. If you need more than four points to create the survey, tap on the line to create an intermediate survey point.

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