The Web Portal is now the place where your flights will be transferred, processed, and viewed all in one spot. Through the Web Portal you can;

  • Manually upload images post-flight
  • Receive upload status messages
  • Upload multiple flights in parallel
  • Track progress of processing

When you select all the files associated with a flight to upload it will ask if you'd like to name your flight. This way you can differentiate between individual outings once they appear in your Queue. While images are uploading you will be able to monitor your progress with an information bar at the bottom right of your window.

Note: While uploading imagery please be sure to leave your browser open and within the Web Portal. Closing your browser will stop the upload.

In addition to this functionality, we've also worked on making things more transparent for you as a user. Once your images have fully uploaded that flight will be added to your Queue. Flights in the Queue now have more information based upon their processing status; In Queue, Stitching, Tiling, Stitch Failed, and Complete.

Caution: We are currently working to add additional compatibility but currently Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not compatible with our Uploader feature.

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