We've released Botlink 2.0, the next generation of software for your XRD to give you improved control of your drone and the data it delivers. This update marks the release of Botlink Everywhere -- a new data collection method, as well as improved compatibility with GoPro® brand cameras.

Botlink Everywhere

Botlink Everywhere enables you to fly your drone and capture data anywhere in the world, without requiring an active cell connection, using the USB radio included with your drone. Whether you’re inspecting a construction site downtown, photo stitching an alfalfa field in the country or taking your UAV to one of your international sites, Botlink will deliver the data you need while maintaining the flight control and airspace awareness you’ve come to expect.

Images from your flights will be saved to the microSD Card on your XRD. Once your UAV has landed, simply transfer the memory card from the XRD to your computer and upload the images to the Botlink web portal at fly.botlink.com/uploader.

GoPro Compatibility

GoPro is one of the most popular camera brands used by drone pilots today, and Botlink has worked hard to ensure our clients get the most consistent images from their GoPro devices as well. To facilitate this, Botlink 2.0 makes a few changes to the triggering and downloading process. As stated above, images will now be saved to the microSD Card on the XRD, from which they can be uploaded to the Botlink web portal.

Update Your Device

If you need direction on how to get your XRD updated to the latest and greatest version, please follow this link: XRD Update Procedure and Files.

More Information

This update touches almost every aspect of image acquisition and processing. For more in-depth information about the changes to each part of the workflow, please visit the following links:



Web Portal

If you have any additional questions, our Customer Success Team would love to answer them for you!

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