What is Botlink?

Botlink is a safe, simple, and secure solution to controlling your drone and processing the data collected.

Does Botlink work outside the US?

Botlink is currently operable anywhere for flight control and data processing.

What can I do with Botlink?


  • Crop health investigation
  • Field drainage


  • Job site management
  • Progress updates

Aerial Imaging

  • Orthomosaics
  • Digital Surface Models
  • 3D modeling files

What types of drones does Botlink work with?

Botlink Capture is compatible with DJI's lineup that uses the Lightbridge. This includes the Phantom 3 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1 Pro, Inspire 1 V2.0, Mavic Pro, and the Matrice. We will continue to add more airframes once they have been fully tested by our team.

Botlink is compatible with any MAVLink based multi-rotor or fixed wing aircraft. Some aircraft which have been tested with extensively include 3DR's Y6, X8, Iris+, Aero fixed wing, the AgEagle, and numerous homebuilds. If you have suggestions on other aircraft you'd like tested, let us know!

What are the guidelines to follow while using Botlink to fly my UAV?

Regulations include: fly no higher than 400 feet, remain well clear of and do not interfere with manned aircraft operations, contact the airport or control tower before flying within five miles of an airport, maintain visual flight rules (VFR), and fly within the hours of 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset. If you wish to learn more please reach out and we can answer any questions you may have.

Who do I contact for Botlink support questions?

Botlink has 24/7 support to assist in any question you may have. Either email us at Support@Botlink.com or submit a ticket here on our support portal. We will do the best we can to support all of our customers.

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