Within the Web Portal we have included a few tools to help you get even more out of your aerial imagery.

Selector Tool

  • Allows you to hover over any measurement or annotation on the map to narrow the list on the left to what is selected. Click on a measurement or annotation to edit.

Area Measurement

  • Use this tool to take measurements of an area on your map. Select this tool, click to outline the area, and finish by clicking on the first point.

Linear Measurement

  • Useful for measuring distances. Select this tool, click the beginning of your desired segment, and continue adding segments. Once finished select the end point twice to end the measurement.


  • If you need to make a note about a location the Annotation tool is perfectly suited. Simply drop the pin on the map and click the edit ¬†button to write a description for that annotation.

For each measurement and annotation you create you can edit or delete them using the edit button and delete button that are in-line with their titles.

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